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What is Beauty? Plastic Surgeon Dr. Eddy Dona
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Dr. Eddy Dona is a highly trained plastic surgeon, and had recently opened his plastic surgery clinic in Sydney’s northwest.



Dr. Dona wanted to boost his personal brand, outshine his competition, and be recognised nation-wide as the #1 provider of plastic surgery. We were elated to be a part of this project - to help take women out of the dark, empower them on their purchasing journey, and give them the right to choose to feel beautiful.



How do you reposition the product as a premium product instead of a grudge purchase?

Plastic surgery has traditionally been perceived as a secretive, “I don’t want to tell anyone I’ve had work done” purchase. It was often associated with negative, shameful marketing undertones of pre-surgery “defective pictures” vs. post-surgery “now you look okay” photos. We had three words for that: “Oh, hell NO!


What’s the difference between a plastic surgeon and a cosmetic surgeon, and how do we market Dr. Dona as a desirable brand?

We found that consumers often got lost on this journey, as most surgeons claim to offer similar services. There is confusion in the differing price points, and women were not supported in their buying process, often feeling unsure and nervous in this male-dominated industry. The existing marketing messages made them feel they needed plastic surgery because they were “defective” or “not good enough”.



We wanted to change the stigma messaging to one of desire and empowerment. We wanted to highlight that looking and feeling sexy, confident, and beautiful was every woman’s right, and that how she goes about it is her empowered choice. We did this by creating a branding video. Check out our behind-the-scenes footage below.



Inspired by Victoria Secret style models, RE took a creative approach and developed three storyboards using provocative, strong, empowered women who personified beauty. With bold, uplifting music, and visuals of woman walking out as though on a catwalk and attending the clinic, we repositioned the “why” as a pleasure point, rather than a pain point. The VO about “what is beauty” is subliminal, positive messaging, with a simple closing message of appreciation: “Thank you, Dr. Dona.”

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Personal Branding

We wanted to show the difference between a cosmetic surgeon and a fully trained, qualified plastic surgeon. Using a photo shoot and a web banner, we highlighted Dr. Dona’s years of specialized medical training and experience, showcased his ethos, and personified him as credible, trustworthy and approachable.


Rebrand & Website

Taking elements from pre-existing luxury brands such as the famous Gucci and LV monograms, we introduced gold and black into the branding to suggest a premium, luxe look and feel. We humanised Dr. Dona by using his image on the home page and adding the hero models for brand continuity. 



OLD BRANDING - click to see more

NEW BRANDING & WEBSITE - click to see more



To enhance his existing banners, billboards, and radio advertising, we purchased media adverting space and showed Dr. Dona’s branding video in pre-screened Sydney Events and Hoyts cinemas



The results speak for themselves! The Dr. Dona advertising campaigns became well known - not only in Sydney, but in Brisbane and Melbourne. Dr. Dona was personally requested to perform surgeries and is booked out solidly over 6 months in advance.

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We were looking for local and Sydney-wide branding exposure, and hired Re Online to help us put together a commercial and redo our website. Jess and her team worked with us to produce a powerful 30-second television commercial and arranged the media buying to have our ads televised as pre-screenings across the major cinemas in Sydney. They also worked to design and rebrand for our website. This did wonders for the Dr. Dona brand. We love the professional and luxury feel. Working with Jess and the team was a wonderful experience, and I highly recommend their services.

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