Claremont Resort

An Over 50s Lifestyle Resort with a Difference
Rebranding, Storyboarding, Video Production, Photography, Website Design and Custom development, Blog Creation


Claremont Resort is an over 50s gated lifestyle community village for retirees and empty nesters.


Claremont Resort needed help improving their online presence, raising brand awareness for their over 50s lifestyle resort, and overcoming the stigma associated with moving into a gated community.



How do we effectively connect with over 50s who are concerned about change and reluctant to let go of their independence?

Claremont’s target demographic needed to be approached with understanding and honesty. We needed to speak to the common fear that associates a gated community with nursing home living, old age, and death.  


How to overcome the stigma of moving out of one’s family home and into a gated community?

There is also a societal stigma associated with the idea of selling the family home for a smaller house in a gated community. As a culture, we connect this with loss of freedom and mobility, and, sometimes, a sense of giving up on life. This is a complete lifestyle change, and one of the biggest decisions a person will make in their lifetime.


How do we inspire action and expedite the buying process, so Claremont can market and sell their new homes?

The third hurdle: once prospects fell in love with the idea of Claremont, they had to face the daunting task of selling their existing home and building a new home with Claremont.



We changed the marketing message to one that emphasized that moving to a gated community was not a solution to a pain point, but rather an empowered decision that represented dream luxury resort living - and even greater freedom. We took an understanding, empathetic approach and had existing Claremont residents speak, unscripted and from the heart, to establish trust, connection, and effectively communicate Claremont’s message.



We repositioned the stigma of moving and changed the message. When you buy with Claremont, you’re not “moving into a smaller house” - you’re buying a perfectly- sized custom luxury home, and a dream lifestyle. We coupled this message with beautiful visuals of residents enjoying the luxury facilities of resort living: swimming, picnicking, and strolling in the lush gardens. We focused on the benefits, with the messaging that “life begins at 50.”


Website Rebrand

We rebranded and recreated the Claremont website using testimonials and imagery from the videos. We focused directly on the buyer journey and on Claremont’s features and benefits. We also compiled blogs and articles to assist with their social media and advertising efforts.


Lifestyle Benefits Video 1

We focused on retirees’ thoughts and feelings on their buying journey. We carefully selected residents – couples, and single women and men – to talk about what they loved most about Claremont. They also shared how their needs were answered: feeling safe within the gated community, convenience, 24/7 security, and affordability. We ended with an invitation as a call to action: viewers did not have to decide straight away, but could just come to “feel the atmosphere.”



Buyer Challenges Video

We created a video which spoke specifically to prospects’ concerns facing old age, terminal illness, and death. We did this by having residents share their initial buying fears, e.g. boredom; loneliness; that the houses would be too small. They then shared their heartfelt experiences of Claremont’s understanding and how they supported the residents in navigating that process.


Home Building Video

We wanted to take customers through the ease of building with Claremont. We sold the support and benefits of customising a home, the government benefits, the managed services, and Claremont’s onsite guest accommodation. We did this using individual testimonials and showcasing the builds and features of the new houses.



A 3-part video series and explainer videos armed Claremont with beautiful content to take to expos and convert into free DVDs. This led to greater awareness and increased home sales.

I’ve been an RE Online client for the past year. They designed and maintained our website, produced marketing videos, oversaw our newspaper advertisements, designed corporate brochures, and hosted our video launch presentation. We’ve always found that they take the time to really understand our business and deliver a very successful marketing campaign. We are happy to say that sales have increased steadily since RE Online managed our marketing strategy.

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