Business Coaching



Are you a startup? An entrepreneur? A business owner of 18 months or more?

Need help with online marketing, or how to juggle multiple hats in your business?

Or do you work full time, but want to turn our side hustle in your full time gig?

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  1. You have measurable goals you want to achieve
  2. You’re accountable (you do what you say you will)
  3. You’re willing to be challenged (i.e. called out on your bullshit)
  4. You believe in the power of partnership
  5. You’re not afraid of hard work
  6. You’re willing to change and step outside your comfort zone
  7. You’re open minded and solutions focused
  8. You’re committed to creating something amazing and are ready to kick some serious ass!


Which best describes you?

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A) The “ not yet a startup or

You’re in a 9-to-5 job… and you’re miserable you long to turn your passion into profit you want the freedom to live abroad and/or work remotely You’ve got an idea or something you love to do on the side


  • something’s holding you back
  • you don’t know how you’ll make enough money
  • you’re stuck on how to turn your passion into profit
  • you haven’t found your purpose yet
  • you want to get out of the 9-5 grind
  • you want to live abroad and or work online
  • you lack the self-confidence for next steps
  • you feel like you can’t do it alone
  • you’re in a job or life you’re miserable about
  • you’re sick of seeing everyone else’s awesome life on Instagram
  • you’re done feeling held back
  • you’re scared and not sure what to do
  • you know you deserve happiness and abundance

B) The Startup or Entrepreneur
(of 1.5+ yrs)

You’ve got a revenue generating business, you’ve got some great customers and sales, you’re working full-time in your business, you’re tried marketing yourself or have hired someone before.


  • you lack clarity and direction
  • you’re procrastinating, avoiding or feeling stuck
  • you’re not managing your time effectively
  • you’re facing cash flow problems
  • you’re facing sales or marketing challenges
  • you’re unsure of how to outsource or delegate
  • you don't have systems in place to scale
  • you’re ready for some serious change
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C) The Entrepreneur or Business Owner (of 2+ yrs):

Your products and services are profitable you want to outsource, or any solution that will free up your time you’re looking to automate and scale you want to focus on just growing your business


  • you lack clarity and direction
  • you’ve worked with a coach or marketing company before and it didn’t help
  • you’re unsure of how to consolidate your time and resources
  • you’re procrastinating, avoiding or feeling stuck
  • you’re unclear of what to focus on
  • you’re unsure of how to outsource or delegate




3 Months to Kickstart Your Greatness

installment plans available

  • Bi-weekly, 60-minute Zoom video calls
  • Weekly accountability
  • Weekly actions
  • Unlimited email support




6 months to Break Through to Big Results

installment plans available

  • Bi-weekly, 60-minute Zoom video calls
  • Weekly accountability
  • Weekly actions
  • Whatsapp - Messenger support
  • Unlimited email support




9 Months of Accountability and Serious Transformation

installment plans available

  • Bi-weekly, 60-minute Zoom video calls
  • Weekly accountability
  • Weekly actions
  • Whatsapp - Messenger support
  • Unlimited email support




12 Months to Manifest and Monetize Something Next-level Fierce!

installment plans available

  • Bi-weekly, 60-minute Zoom video calls
  • Weekly accountability
  • Weekly actions
  • Whatsapp - Messenger support
  • Unlimited email support
  • Advice on digital resources (guides to help with content, copy, and graphics)
  • Access to RE Online systems, brief forms and templates





+ Why should I hire a business marketing coach?

  • Because every peak performing athlete has someone who supports them through thick and thin (i.e. kicks their ass), helps them push through their self-imposed limits and celebrates their wins
  • Because you’ve got a specific goal and result in mind, and if you could do it by yourself, you’d have done it already
  • Because you’re sick of getting half-assed, unsatisfying outcomes
  • Because you want a safe, accountable space to troubleshoot and help fill in the missing gaps
  • Because you know that achieving greatness takes more than just one person
  • Because you’re ready to have an A-Team in your corner who will help you hustle next-level results
  • Because you’re ready to be the best version of yourself
  • Because you realise time is money and don’t have the time to fart ass about!

+ What areas do you coach in?

I’m all about strategy. I help you cut through the fluff and choose where you should direct your limited resources, energy and focus. Whether you’re starting something new or wanting to grow, together, we’ll work on:

  • Personal and/or business branding
  • Self and time management
  • Business finances
  • Lead generation
  • Getting shit done on a shoestring budget
  • Mindset and motivation
  • Outsourcing and business systems
  • Emotional management
  • Content marketing
  • Training and development
  • Managing sales
  • Online marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Direct sales or multi-level marketing
  • Overcoming fears
  • Developing self confidence

  • Increasing self-esteem
  • Spiritual intelligence in business
  • Leadership
  • Work/life balance
  • Getting out of the 9-5
  • Transitioning from a B job to your A job
  • Working and living abroad
  • Working location-independent
  • Managing a global team
  • Maintaining a healthy lifestyle
  • Managing business relationships
  • Prosperity consciousness
  • Overcoming under-earning
  • Overcoming stress and overwhelm
  • Mindfulness and meditation

+ What should I look for in a coach?

Someone you feel comfortable and safe enough to be open, honest, and vulnerable. Someone you trust to hold space for you and whom you intuitively feel will be able to help you get to where you want to go. Someone who believes in you, is of service to you, respects you, has your best intentions at heart, and is secure enough to compassionately call you on your crap and not just tell you what you want to hear. Someone who has their own team of advisors - i.e. someone who works with a coach or several themselves.

+ Do you currently have a coach?

Hell yeah! I work with 4 people who help keep me accountable and on track in various areas of my life.

+ What’s your point of difference?

Side from having successfully started up two businesses, run a successful online marketing agency, worked globally and location-independent, amassed over 2000 coaching hours, worked across a modality of sales, and completed two double majors in Marketing and Business Management (and yes, I do sleep!), I combine street smarts entrepreneurship, online marketing experience and business processes with spiritual intelligence. I provide consultancy in areas where I have excelled and have qualifications, and mentoring in areas in which I’ve personally achieved success. My coaching has no agenda, aside from personally empowering YOU to break through your own limitations and finding your right path. You can read more about my work experience HERE, and my current marketing BIO HERE.

+ What’s your approach?

I’m straight up, honest, fast-moving, practical, action-orientated, resourceful and intuitive. I take a holistic approach and look at all the moving parts in your life. I only coach or make suggestions from the space of greatest service to you, in a way that flows, feels in alignment with my universal Higher Power and truth, feels right for you and moves you forward in body, mind and spirit. I’m 100% in your corner: your number one fan, personal hustler, cheerleader, and, when you need it, ass-kicker.

+ How do you work?

I only take on a few coaching/ consultancy clients - so the quality of my own work doesn’t suffer, and to maintain my own work/life balance. I don’t just switch off at the clock when I work with a client: I get in to your world and continue to be of service to you, even after our calls. We create set times schedule by Google calendar and do Zoom video meetings. You will receive emails from me, sometimes accountability messages, reminders, real time VMs (voice memos), messages, and, on occasion, the emergency power chat (if you’ve had something come up between our scheduled sessions). I take our work and partnership seriously and continue to hold you and our work with my utmost respect, integrity, authenticity and commitment to serve you. I expect the same from the clients with whom I work.

+ How do know we’re a good fit?

Book in for a complimentary discovery call, or email if you have any questions. Just like any new relationship, we both need to feel it’s a good fit to move forward. My suggestion is to not decide straight away. Sleep on it, pray about it, surrender it to the universe and you will have your answer.


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