It takes your customer 0.5 seconds to formulate their opinion of you.

So if your brand and overall digital presence doesn’t represent what you do,

authentically,we need to chat.



In fact, these days, branding is everything. It’s the seen and the unseen. If your business was a person, your brand would that person’s reputation: the holistic look, feel, impression, message, reputation and character. If your ideal customer bumped into your brand on the street, what would it be wearing? How does it communicate? What do others say about you? Would they want to do business with you?

The same goes with your online presence. Does it accurately convey what you’re about inside and out? Does it communicate your unique point of difference, character, values to your ideal customer and leave a lasting impression?


Having subpar branding is like going to a job interview half-prepared and underdressed: despite how capable you might be, it doesn’t convey trust, professionalism nor credibility.  We all know what they say about not getting a second chance to make a first impression.

Good branding is cohesive across your communication platforms and your messaging. It steers the internal direction of your company. Unique and authentic branding creates trust, loyalty, and recognition amongst competitors. It supports all your marketing and advertising efforts.

Our brand bible comes complete with your:

  • Brand archetype

  • Client avatar

  • Mission, vision and values

  • Tone of voice

  • Logo, Colour pallets, Iconography and typography set

  • Imagery guide and stock pics library

  • Blogs and social media headers

  • Business cards and Letterheads

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You deserve the best representation. Don’t skimp out on your branding. Check out the RE Online Marketing Branding Approach and affordable digital packages.

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