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Aussie-born and bred Linda Buller moved to Bali over 20 years ago. What started as nursing a half-dead dog back to health led to Linda being an international advocate for the ill treatment of Bali dogs, changing the law on Bali dog meat, and founding Bali’s largest non-profit animal rescue organization. BARC is also one our charities of choice. Check out our story or donate. 



Since Jess lives in Bali, this particular project was close to home… which broke our hearts when we witnessed the struggle faced by these dogs. We wanted to support BARC and champion Linda and her team in making a difference. Like many NGOs, BARC deals with fluctuating donations, limited technology, inconsistent staffing, and transient volunteers. This made it difficult to gain traction and consistency in building and sustaining an online marketing presence.



How do we get real data and content to a team without laptops, who aren’t tech savvy, and who are not based in one place?

 With most of the staff working casual or part-time and spread across different locations, it was a challenge to communicate information and maintain up-to-date content. Former staff were managing the website, which led to a lot inconsistency and out-dated information.  


With so many active causes and charities, how do we make BARC stand out in supporters’ heart and minds?

BARC had previously had some great campaigns, international donors, and supporters. But due to lack of funding and being short-staffed, they had no way of remaining at the top of people’s mind or contacting them for current pleas.


How do we manage the information, profiling, stories, and status of 350+ dogs?

 With over 350 dogs living on 4 different properties and cared for by rotating stuff, BARC needed a content management system that would profile the dogs, and record and publish their rescue stories so people could donate and sponsor.



We met with key staff once to twice a month and worked creatively with the casual team. We implemented a system that gathered real-time content via chats and threads on smart phones. Team members would take pictures that were picked up by our content curator and turned into a post.



We worked alongside their existing team to redesign the website, making it more UI-friendly and giving it a clean, professional makeover. We repurposed some of their existing content, particularly some beautiful photography taken by a supporter.

Schermata 2019-06-21 alle 01.40.20.png

OLD WEBSITE- click image to see more

NEW WEBSITE -click image to see more



We worked alongside BARC’s team and volunteer developers to set up a custom CMS profile page similar to other leading animal adoption agencies, which showcased dogs available for foster, adoption, and virtual adoption.


Inbound and Content Marketing

We took over BARC’s monthly social media accounts, growing their following and directing traffic to their site. We created blogs, EDMs, and managed newsletters with active pleas and campaigns.

We collaborated with a volunteer videographer to create an authentic explainer video that featured Linda at the Sanctuary and at Ubud HQ.



We increased BARC’s donations and website traffic by consolidating a list of monthly supporters and donors and creating an active list with 4000+ subscribers. We used social media to increase community awareness and contact, by growing BARC’s Instagram account by over 2000 organic followers within 3 months, resulting in an average of 140+ likes per post, 500 comments per month, and 10-15 daily messages. We sent DMs to new and existing followers to increase website traffic.

Jess helped with our marketing and website. She worked with our web guy to give our website a beautiful new look, reorganised our mailing lists and dog profiles, managed our social media and newsletters, and met with our staff each month to create articles on the clinic’s current issues. We loved having the extra support, as we didn’t get just Jess but her whole team as well. They are professional and organised and ran like a well-oiled machine. Everyone loves the new website, and it was fantastic knowing it would all be done each month for us. One less thing to worry about! Thank heaps, guys. 

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